Tailor made

Furnitures signed Fall’Art Concept

Fall’Art Concept crates luxury furnitures. Unique or in limited series, there are always designed by Myriam Machi, our exclusive designer, and can be created following your wishes and your taste.

With our network of partners and experts in switzerland and our exclusive Fall’Art technology, we can produce nearly everything, use all type of matrix, and achieve the most ambitious goals regarding furnitures fabrication.

We have manufactured a wide range of furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, speaker boxes, wall and ceiling frescoes etc... we have experience in the use of a wide variety of artistic and technical production

Our furnitures are tailored to fit your needs. we can work on all materials, textures, forms and size.. Our Fall’Art technology and network of experts allows us to meet any challenge in furniture manufacturing 100% swiss made.

More about our unique Fall’Art technology>>Fallart_-_FallArt_Concept.htmlFallart_-_FallArt_Concept.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0