The talent of our artist is recognized on an international scale. She made several exhibition of his work in Europe and Asia, including one at the swiss ambassy in Singapore.

Myriam is a full artist, expert in countless techniques of decorations. She knows how to satisfy all your desire for interior Design.

Our designer is always looking for new ideas and concept. It is her sense of innovation that allowed her to be at the origin of the idea of ​Fall'art, artworks on which we walk.

Our Designer Myriam Machi

Artist-designer, Myriam Machi is a graduate of the High National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She has over 40 years experience in the field of design and interior decoration. She lives in Valais (Switzerland), where she has her studio. Her pictorial language is based on the colors. She use multiple media, in all variations.

She invented the artistic concept she named Fall-Art. « The approach is to bring the painting to the public. The artwork leaves the wall to fall down and be trampled. we look at it, we walk on it, we live with it. »