The Fall’art technology turns your surfaces into unique artworks

The fall-art technology is a unique surface coating. It helps to give a new dimension to the painting process. Protecting the paintings of the effect of time, it upsets the established order by  dropping the works down the walls right under your feet. As easy to use as a carpet, it’s based on innovative technology of protective polymer. Its development has lasted more than 20 years. This was done through the artistic and technical expertise of our Artist and engineers. The pieces made with this technology are called "Fall'Art". They are unique or produced in limited series. the fall arts can be placed on all types of surface, and  allows you to have handpainted artworks instead of your carpets

Extremly flexible, its only limit... Your imagination !!!

« Art forms to see and experience, which can be tread upon and fully examined without risking any damage to them. »

« Fall'Art, a painting which leaves the wall to be touched, to be looked at, to be walked on and to be lived with : this is a sensual approach. »

« Fall'Art "l'art qui tombe", is art which has fallen, this is a desanctification of art. The work comes down from its pedestal to be closer to the public. The origin of Fall'Art is a conciliating approach between art and the spectator. »

« Fall'Art, when the pictorial approach touches the interior design... »

« Carpets from the future.. »





. Can be the support for pieces of art or for pictures/patterns of your choice.

Allows painting and/or printing.

No size limit.

Easy to clean and hypoallergenic, the fall'art technology offers all the comfort of a rug or carpet eliminating disadvantages.

Resistant to : scratches, marks, furniture legs, heels, fresh and salt water, food and drink stains, short burns.

Flexible and resilient materials with shape memory.

warranty of 20 years